Thanks for the memories

extendedplay (2014—2019) was a boutique design (+ technology) studio in New York City that made work with clients both near and far.

Our five year run would not have been possible without our friends, collaborators, and clients: Travis Ladue, Jacob Trahan, Joshua Gallagher, Anton Anger, Gordon Sexton, Andrew Chen, Johan Lam, Joe Marianek, Stacey Panousopoulos, Liz Danzico, Garrett DeRossett, Rik Lomas, Eric Bailey, Collin Hughes, Devin Ross, Theresa Dold, Brennan Roberts, Melissa Bennett, Phil Moldavski, Ricky Choi, Adam Shiffman, and so many more.

We're thankful for the many clients who trusted us with their vision, and look forward to the work that's still being done with a select few.

And lastly, we're thankful to have worked with former interns Charlie Francis and Stephanie Ma who believed that our tiny studio was the right place to grow their skills.

Joseph Bergdoll is now designing
digital products for The New Yorker at Condé Nast.